Nanko Meiborg, born 29-10-1992, coming from a highly musical family he expressed interest in music at a young age. What started out with singing lessons and guitar lessons transitioned in getting admitted to the conservatory with singing as his main course at the age of nineteen.

By that time he had already played in various bands ranging from blues/rock to motown/soul including funk band ‘Black Cherry Juice’. With their own repertoire they won in the competition: ‘Kleine Prijs van Friesland’ By then he was getting very much into soul music, listening to Stevie Wonder, Prince, D’Angelo and so on.

At the conservatory he joined numerous bands and at the end of 2012 he founded his own band. Then in December 2013 the NankoSoul debut EP was released. Including a variety of styles but always with a strong connection to Soul. It featured five original songs, ‘Radio 6 Soul&Jazz’ Dj Co De Kloet was very enthousiastic. Next to that the single ‘You In My Mind’ made ‘Popnoord nr.1’

And in 2015, after a time of playing gigs and writing, He started working on a new single together with producer Raoul Soentken. In Februari they recorded ‘The Sky At Sunrise’ which features a new mixture of sound creating a very mature single. ‘The Sky At Sunrise’ was released on April 11th.

February 2016, the NankoSoul debut album, ‘The Right Time’ arrived. The album stands up to the promising single ‘The Sky At Sunrise’. It’s very soulful ofcourse, angelic vocal harmonies in most every song, pristine playing by superb musicians, shades of rock, soul and pop. Hints of Prince, Sting, D’Angelo, Beach Boys and so on. It’s all there, comprised in one sound, the NankoSoul sound. This, is: ‘The Right Time’

…’Time is now and time is always right’…

After the album tour and participating in the ‘Popronde’ 2016 things got a little quiet for a while. After some time to reflect and exploring of his intrinsic motivation Nanko decided to start a new chapter and go back from ‘NankoSoul’ to ‘Nanko Meiborg’, the name his parents gave him. And there’s a lot of new music coming! Starting October 2018 he’s choosing a different artist every now and again and recording his or her songs in his own way. Next to that the first release will be an A Capella EP, completely arranged, sung and recorded by Nanko Meiborg himself.